Farm Houses

Farm houses sale purchase services in Delhi NCR

A Farm House is a unique purchase that may require some expertise related to condition or quality of improvements. Having not only an experienced Broker, but one that is trained for such observation and consultation may be the difference between a dream farm vs. the proverbial money pit.

You won’t want to miss the fine offerings from Sarvam Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.

Lovingly maintained inside and out and it shows when you step inside the farm houses we offer.

Plenty of room for family gatherings and other occasions.

A portion could be turned into highly productive crop land for garden vegetables.

A large portion could become grazing land for your livestock.

- Some FAQs about our services

Yes. Rest assured about the registration of all the properties we provide.

Yes. You can apply for loan from leading banks in India.

It is the standard stamp duty which is 4% for women and 6% for men.

Yes definitely. We provide discounts in the beginning of the projects.

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