Delivering smiles for over 15 years in the industry

Creating unparalleled living environments surrounded by the best amenities, world-class art, architecture and design. Our Company has delivered landmark projects that are praised for enhancing urban life and are now recognized as iconic architectural trademarks.

To date, our Residential Division has developed and delivered more than 400 flats.

It’s not complicated – you want the right home that does the following:

» It fits your unique needs

» Gets you a good deal

» You have seen enough options to know you made the right choice

» Professional help has assisted you in your search

» The transaction is handled smoothly and professionally

This requires a local knowledge and expertise, which is what we offer.

- FAQs about our Residential Division in Delhi NCR

Yes. Rest assured about the registration of all the properties we provide.

Yes. You can apply for loan from leading banks in India.

It is the standard stamp duty which is 4% for women and 6% for men.

Yes definitely. We provide discounts in the beginning of the projects.

- Our Strategy